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American Philosophical Association Recently Published Book Spotlight on Making Space for Justice

The Page 99 test in Making Space for Justice:

“A Philosopher Considers the Power of Social Movements in Effecting Change,” July 12, 2022 Columbia University News

“The Role of Narrative and Narrative Activism in Social Movements,” Columbia University Press Author Blog Post


“Controlling the Narrative: Meaning, Power and Value in Public Life” Nov. 15, 2022 Lecture at The Ohio State University Center for Ethics and Human Values”

“Celebrating Recent Work by Michele Moody-Adams: Making Space for Justice: Social Movements, Collective Imagination, and Political Hope” October 26, 2022 ; Heyman Center for the Humanities Columbia University

“Too Many Experts? Too Much Democracy? Notes on a Dilemma” October 22, 2022 Columbia School of Journalism Conference on Walter Lippmann’s Public Opinion at 100.

“American Democracy: The Task Before Us” – (Panel Discussion for the Library of America) January 27, 2021

“How Damaged Is American Democracy?” (Toronto, CA television program) January 21, 2021

Protesting police and policing protest (Panel Discussion) June 17th, 2020 /

  “Towards a Philosophy  of Linguistic Diversity and rights” Paper Delivered for Session on Global Language Justice in Action:  May 2019     

“Has Democracy run Its Course”   Aspen Ideas Festival 2017    

The Value of Philosophy Interviewed by IVY: The Social University, about the value of philosophy (Spring 2016)

Identity Politics Dissected “The Battle of Ideas” (October 2016)2016

Infnite Hope as a Personal and Political Virtue (2016)

Compatibility of Feminism and Liberalism
The Compatibility of Feminism and Liberalism (Hypatia Interview, July 2015)

Memory, Multiculturalism and Democracy Memory, Multiculturalism and Democracy (McGill University, celebration of the work of Charles Taylor, 2012)

Science and the Humanities The Relationship between Science and the Humanities (April 2011)

Ethical Values and Habits of Mind Ethical Values and Habits of Mind in Higher Education (Hastings Center, Dec. 2011)

Michele Moody-Adams on Open Mind Moody-Adams on Higher Education at Columbia and beyond (interviewed by Richard Heffner, Open Mind TV, June 2011)

Theory and Practice What Difference can Theory make to Practice? March 2010 (lecture for Core Curriculum)

Cornell University “Cybertower” panel on Garry Wills’s Lincoln at Gettysburg (2008)


New Books Network Podcast, October 3, 2022 on Making Space for Justice, interviewed by Robert Talisse;

“On Monuments and Memorials,”  The Unmute Podcast,  Season 4, #037,  April 2019

“Living a Moral Life,” Aspen Ideas Festival Panel, 2017


“The Chilling Effect of Mandatory Reporting of Higher Education,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar. 11, 2015.

“Toward Real Equality in Higher Education,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 1, 2012


“Minding Progress:  An Interview with Prof. Michele Moody-Adams,”  The Blue and White Magazine,  April 5, 2018,

 “Politics, Activism, and the Modern College Campus: An Interview with Professor Michele Moody-Adams,”  The Current,  Spring 2016, Volume 11, Issue 2

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Interview in African-American Philosophers: Seventeen Conversations, ed. George Yancy, (New York Routledge 1998).

Salmagundi Symposium on “Race and Racism: American Dilemmas Revisited,” Salmagundi Fall 1994-Winter 1995.

Sage Chapel, Cornell University, “Faith and the Public Square,” April 2008.

First Unitarian Church, Ithaca, NY “This I Dearly Believe: Forgiveness is Strength,” August, 2007.

Sage Chapel, Cornell University “The Uses of Adversity,” October, 2005.

Faculty Last Lecture Cornell Chapter, Mortarboard Society, “It’s not over until the Philosopher sings,” October 2004.

Cornell University Freshman Orientation Book Project Faculty Panel, “The Enduring Significance of Sophocles’ Antigone,” August 2003.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ithaca, “Simple Gifts,” February 2003.

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Sage Chapel, Cornell University “Reconciling Righteousness and Humility: A Response to Sept. 11, 2001,”             September 2001.

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