Current Projects

Making Space for Justice: Social Movements, Collective Imagination and Political Hope Forthcoming Spring 2022 , Columbia University Press.


From nineteenth-century abolitionism to the #Me Too and Black Lives Matter Movements of the twenty-first century, progressive social movements have been wellsprings of constructive moral inquiry and transformative political action. Making Space for Justice: Social Movements, Collective Imagination,  and Social Hope argues that anyone who is serious about the theory or the practice of justice—or both—must ask what can be learned from these movements and how to incorporate the movements’ most important insights into their own work.

As a source of constructive moral inquiry, social movements teach us that social justice demands humane regard for persons: a combination of compassionate concern and robust respect. Philosophical theories have often presumed that it may not be possible to harmonize respect and concern. Social movements have continually challenged us to reject these assumptions in the name of justice.

As agents of social change,  constructive social movements show how difficult it can be to transform societies to meet the demands of justice. But many social movements have  helped to refine methods for making conceptual and perceptual space for justice by drawing on the transformative powers of imagination and strengthening the motivation to pursue justice by helping to inspire political hope.

Making Space for Justice urges that contemporary moral and political philosophy cannot defensibly remain unchanged in light of these insights, but also that current and future social movements can become more effective  by incorporating these insights into their practice.

“Taking Expression Seriously: Equal Citizenship, Expressive Harm and Confederate Iconography”  – This is a critical examination of the meaning of certain monuments and memorials and their relationship to our capacity to affirm citizenship and belonging.

“The Future of Democratic Citizenship” : This paper is looking at the ways in which citizenship is changing and continues to change in the modern world, in response to the pressures of globalization, the increasing role of technology in work, and rising income inequality.

Martin Luther King and the Life of Purpose – a book manuscript

Renewing Democracy- a book Manuscript